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This is the category for Rotavator Hire and you can search through listings from multiple companies to hire a rotavator.

When hiring a Rotator you want to have a look at the different types available. There are light duty, medium duty and heavy duty models with varying levels of performance. Some Rotavators might be listed as a cultivator hire.

The top 5cm of your soil should have good tithe and crumbs of 0.5mm to 5mm. Be careful not to over cultivate or cultivate your land at the wrong time because this can lead to a breakdown of the structure of poorer soils. A good time to Rotavate your land is in the Autumn and leaving the soil in large chunks ready for the winter weather. You can cultivate your allotment in the spring but it is best to check to make sure the soil is not too wet. To do this, pick up some of the soil in your hand and squash it into a round ball. If the soil crumbles and falls apart the soil is ok for cultivating. Try not to walk on the land if it is wet because this will break down the soil.

During Digging, ploughing, using a rotavator or tillage, only the top 30cm of the soil should be used, leaving the subsoil intact.

Hire prices vary but to give you a rough idea you can hire a medium duty rotavator for about £50 per day and £80 for the week.

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