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Turf Cutter Hire Leeds

Turf Cutters for hire are used to slice through the soil underneath the grass and roll it up ready to be relayed again. One of the times you might want to use a turf cutter hire is if you are laying pipes and don’t want to ruin the grass. A turf cutter will enable you to carefully and neatly remove the grass in strips to make relaying easier.

Turf Cutter Hire Birmingham

Turf cutters for hire are powered with a motor and have high traction rubber wheels to drive them forward. Some of the more powerful models have been developed to cut depths of up to 15cm enabling the user to lay irrigation pipes in one pass.

Turf cutters for hire are expensive to buy and they are one of those pieces of equipment you are best off hiring unless you use one most weeks. When hiring one you will always be given a top of the range heavy duty model that will be hassle free and give you professional results every time. Hire prices are about £57 per day and £78 for the weekend. The weekend prices are always more expensive than weekdays. Hire prices for the week are about £100.

Hire a turf cutter for £45 upwards depending on how long you hire. Turf cutters can be hired for one day, a weekend or weekly. Turf cutters are easy to use and are a quick way to remove turf for landscaping jobs effortlessly. Ideal for removing turf temporarily whilst laying pipes and where turf needs to be relayed. Most are petrol driven and hire companies rent to the general public and to tradesman.

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